Digital Marketing Agency Trends in 2021

Digital Marketing Agency Trends in 2021 – Want to scale your agency next year and learn the biggest opportunities and digital marketing. trends for 2021?. You gotta watch out for 4 these trends. If you want tips and advice on how to scale your marketing agency profitably, press the. subscribe button and be updated with new videos every Wednesday. Hi, I’m Linh Podetti, the founder of Outsourcing Angel, an outsourcing agency with a virtual. team of over 70 around the world. I help marketing agencies scale their business profitably. I have built multiple 6 and 7 figure agencies and will show you how I did it all. by building a virtual team. In this video, I’m going to share with you 4 trends you need to watch out for in 2021. and my tips on how you can implement them in your agency. Trend 1: Quality Content Long gone are the days, where you can just use stock. photos for your business or research keywords and copy other people’s content. Customers want content that is authentic, personal, storytelling and valuable that they. can’t find elsewhere. If you are doing content for your clients’ business, it is important to have high-quality. photos of them, get their involvement in content creation so that you can help produce content. that is of value to their audience. Your time should be focussed on producing quality photos and videos for your clients,. while leaving the low-value tasks such as editing, publishing, distributing the content and other. easy tasks to virtual assistants who are less than $12/hour. Trend 2: Faster Information The use of Chatbots are on the rise. Customers want faster response time, it is important to provide faster customer service. or else risk losing business to other competitors. You can either install chatbots to automate the responses to frequently asked questions. from customers.

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Or a more personalised option that is also affordable is to hire Virtual Assistants to. help respond faster to customers. Provide them with your process and scripts and they can help manage customer enquiries. for you. I’m Curious to know, which company have you seen that uses chatbots really well?. Share by commenting below. Trend 3: Voice and Visual Search The next big thing in SEO is voice and visual. search instead of text search. Examples of voice search are like Siri, Google Home or Amazon Alexa where you can talk to. the search engine by voice and it will give you a response to what you need. Examples of visual search engines are like Google Image Search, CompFight, Flickr Storm. which allows you to do a reverse image search or keyword search. Basically, you can upload an image or search keywords, and it will search for images similar. to that for you. Using curated images can be beneficial as part of your or your client’s Instagram. feed. However, it can be time-consuming, which I recommend getting your VA to do. Your VA can do all the image sourcing for you, gather them in folders ready for you. to use anytime. Trend 4: Video Marketing There is no doubt that video content continues. to be on the rise as it is still the best way for customers to consume content. It is the best way for brands to storytell and creates an authentic engagement with their. audience. Some things to remember about videos though is that we must create them to suit different. platforms. Longer videos belong to Youtube Shorter videos belong to FB, IG and LinkedIn. etc But the challenge now is how can you make. your videos stand out from all the other videos?.

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Make sure you do keyword research or target audience research to make sure you create. videos that people actually are searching for or want to watch. Make sure you make your video engaging with a compelling script that immediately hooks. the audience within the first 8 seconds. Try adding animation with your talking head videos to make your video both personal, engaging. and clearly explain your message. Your time should be spent on strategy, writing that perfect script and filming yourself. Outsource or Hire Virtual Assistants to edit your video, optimise your video, publishing. and distributing Focus on producing a lot of content for you. and your clients. If you combine effort on all of the 4 trends I mentioned in this video and have a team. to help you execute, you are definitely on your way to a successful year. If you want to implement any of the ideas above and you need help building your team,. book a free consult with me and my team today. Thank you for watching, and if you like this video, please subscribe to be notified about. my next video which I will share with you how to develop your perfect digital agency. Thank you. Bye.